How To Make Faux Brick Look More Realistic In 2 Steps

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Playing Faux Brick Wall DIY: How To Make It Look More Realistic In 2 Steps

Adventurous couple Kristin and Will took some time away from their off-the-grid lifestyle to come on our show, where they chatted about their tiny home on wheels, made from a converted school bus.

Traveling the country in a mobile home isn't for everyone, of course, but the couple demoed a simple home décor DIY that anyone can do. 

Here's how to make faux brick look more realistic in just two simple steps.

tiny house faux brick wall
Rachael Ray Show

All you need is white paint and a sanding block.

STEP 1: Paint the faux brick or masonite white.

STEP 2: Before the paint dries, use a sanding block to lightly scuff the paint. To create a more rustic or worn brick look, you can sand more roughly. The more you sand, the more dramatic the effect.

And that's it!

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