How To Make Prosciutto Roses

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Prosciutto is practically synonymous with classy appetizer. But what's the best way to serve it?

Well, if you ask NYC caterer Mary Giuliani, in the form of prosciutto rosettes, of course.

In the video above she shows you exactly how to make these pretty (and delicious) cured ham "flowers." And she's here to tell you that even though they look super-impressive, they're ridiculously easy.

How to Make Prosciutto Roses In 2 Easy Steps

1. Keeping the meat on the paper sheet that separates it from the slice underneath, use a sharp knife to make a single, lengthwise cut down the center of a prosciutto slice, stopping about an inch from the top so the piece is still connected. 

2. Starting at one of the cut ends, roll the prosciutto onto itself, continuing to roll in a long "u" shape past the connected part and up the other cut side. Gather at the bottom as you roll, allowing the top to flare outwards like the petals of a flower. When finished rolling, tuck the end underneath, if necessary, to keep it from unrolling (the meat is usually moist enough that it holds its shape) and flare the outside layer to mimic rose petals.

See what we mean? So easy!

These are gorgeous on tea sandwiches (try Mary's Avocado & Mozzarella Tea Sandwiches With Prosciutto Flowers here) for a shower or on a cheese plate for a dinner party.

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