How To Prevent a Stuck Zipper With Soap

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Playing You're Doing It Wrong: Stop Yanking on Stuck Zippers + Try This Trick Instead

Even the people who work in fashion have fashion emergencies. Just ask Marie Claire's Fashion Editor-at-Large, Zanna Roberts Rassi. Actually, you don't have to — because Rach already did!

When asked if she's ever had a major fashion faux pas, Zanna's first answer was, "all the time!" She went on to reveal one of her worst fashion fails — and the resulting lesson she'll never forget. 

"It was early on in my career," Zanna says, "styling one of our first covers for Marie Claire. I was zipping up a dress on a celebrity — who will remain unnamed — and the zipper got stuck. And not knowing any different, [I] yanked."

Zanna says the celeb's skin actually got stuck in the zipper. Ouch!

Since then, Zanna greases zippers with a bar of soap before zipping up something tight against someone's bare skin — especially if it's for a special occasion.

She may have learned this the hard way, but now she's passing her knowledge on to you so you don't have to!

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