How To Remove a Red Wine Stain In a Pinch At a Party

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Playing Can White Wine Actually Remove Red Wine Stains? Zanna Roberts Rassi Answers

If you try to find one red wine drinker who hasn't spilled it on their clothes (OR had it spilled on them) at least once in their life, you probably won't be able to. 

And we can likely all agree that accidents like this usually happen at the worst times — like at a big event that you're not planning on leaving anytime soon. 

Well, according to Zanna Roberts Rassi, fashion editor-at-large at Marie Claire, you might have everything you need to help remove the stain at said event. As long as the bar is stocked with white wine, that is.

"Always have a friend who drinks white if you drink red," Zanna jokes. "[The white wine] cancels [the red stain]." 

Once you pour a bit of white wine over the red wine stain, pat the stain dry with a paper towel. After it's completely dry, the stain should be nonexistent, Zanna says. 

Mind. blown.

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