How To Wear The Robe Silhouette Trend 3 Different Ways

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Playing 3 Viewers With Different Body Types Rock The Robe Silhouette Trend

We love when body-positive supermodel Emme stops by, because she always helps our viewers look and feel like the superstars they are — just by encouraging them to dress for their body type.

The original plus-size supermodel is back on our show, this time to discuss clothing trends that are popping up everywhere, from the red carpet to Pinterest.

And not only did Emme show us examples of the latest fashions, but she picked out on-trend outfits for female viewers at sizes 2, 12 and 22 — and boy did they all pull off these looks!

Emme began by talking about the robe silhouette trend, which is having a major moment and has been worn by stars, like Tracee Ellis Ross. And this is a fad we can actually get behind, because it is as comfy as it is chic!

Not only is the robe silhouette super flattering on any body type, but it's also about as close as you can get to actually wearing your pajamas out on the town.

Emme helped three of our viewers take bedroom-inspired fashion from the sheets to the streets, and all three women came out looking absolutely fabulous!

robe silhouette trend
Rachael Ray Show

See what we mean?

The supermodel explained why she chose these specific pieces, as well as how they work with each woman's body type to accentuate their favorite features.

For Jasmine, Emme chose a top that has a robe-like silhouette, rather than going the full-length robe route.

robe silhouette trend
Rachael Ray Show

"Because Jasmine is petite, we didn't want to overwhelm her with a full-length robe," Emme explains. She points out that the wrap-around bow and the deep neckline — both of which are something you might see on a nice silk robe — work to accentuate Jasmine's waist and show off her figure.

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For Dana, Emme picked out a dress that pulls in the waistline and, again, accentuates her shape.

robe silhouette trend
Rachael Ray Show

"This looks like a typical wrap dress, but not really," Emme says. "If you take a look at the trim detail, the border is thicker, [like what] you would find in a robe, and also feminine and flirty."

Plus, the flutter sleeve, ruffle and trim are all really fun elements that Dana says she might not normally think to wear.

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Emme gave Autumn — who says she normally wears black head-to-toe — a long, Kimono-style robe with a pretty floral pattern.

robe silhouette trend
Rachael Ray Show

Emme tied the back of this robe and paired it with a black top that ties at the waist, to bring in the waistline a bit more both in the front and the back.

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All three girls said they felt good and very comfortable in their respective looks, even if they wouldn't necessarily have thought to pick them out on their own.

"We pushed them out of their comfort zone, to go with color and to go with cinching," Emme says. Or, as Rach points out, "Actually, I think you pushed them INTO their comfort zone, because they're wearing a bathrobe!"

We're not mad about that!

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