How to Wrap a Present — From a Standard Gift Box to an Oddly-Shaped Vacuum!

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How To Wrap Gifts of All Shapes + Sizes Aired December 20, 2018

No matter what your level of expertise, you can always learn something new about gift wrapping. Maybe you simply want to master the basics, or perhaps you're aiming to earn the title of Christmas queen (or king!) by showing off an advanced skill or two.

Luckily, Alton DuLaney is here to help, so you can check "wrap presents" off your holiday to-do list — and then some!

He broke it down for you with three tutorials: easy, medium and advanced. Each gift-wrapping demo even includes a stylish idea inspired by the biggest trends of the year! Before you try your hand at the mid- and expert-level projects (which you can see Alton demonstrate in the video above!), here's how to wrap a basic box:

Minimalist design was in this year, so when wrapping any kind of rectangular or square-shaped gift, it's easy to create a sleek and simple look. This gift wrap uses neutral colors in muted tones like gray and silver.

Look how lovely!

Rachael Ray Show

"If you're going to do a minimalist wrap, it has to be done right," Alton explains. "All the attention is on the detail."

When wrapping a basic gift box, keep Alton's top tips in mind:


When deciding how much gift wrap to cut from the roll, you don't want too much or too little paper. Basically, you want to make sure that you have just enough paper to fully cover the gift on each side.

If you lay down the box on top of the paper before cutting, you can use your hands as an approximate measure. Alton says that you usually you want about four fingers worth of space on each side of an average shirt box.

What a helpful tip!


After making the cut, the bottom of the paper might not be completely straight. Alton suggests folding over the bottom edge of the paper so you have a clean place to start.


Then, pull that folded bottom "seam" all the way to the top edge of your box, and fold the top half of the paper down as well. Crease the paper and use matte finish gift wrap tape to seal along the edge.


Next, turn the box up so it's standing on the taped side, and fold down the corners of the paper to create flaps — or "wings" — on either side.


Fold up the flaps so they line up with the edges of the box, and seal with more tape.


Once your box is wrapped, you can add one last touch. Embellish by wrapping simple twine or yarn around the box and sticking in a sprig of berries or fresh rosemary from your garden.

"I love decorating with herbs," Rachael says, "[it gives the gift] a lovely holiday aroma!"

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Watch the entire video above to learn how Alton wraps trickier items, like cylindrical-shaped bottles and bulky vacuums — by recycling the wrapping paper tube itself!

Spoiler: He uses royal tartan paper to turn a bottle of scotch into a Christmas cracker AND shares his number-one suggestion for tackling oddly-shaped or lumpy gifts — like the Kenmore Elite Complete Cordless Super Stick Vacuum gifted to the studio audience during this show.

See what we mean above!

Want even more Alton? Check out the video below to see him on the show back in Season 5! He surprised Rach by wrapping her entire kitchen — proving that it is possible to wrap literally ANYTHING!

How To Wrap Anything

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