Instagram Influencer Hannah Bronfman's Secret To Staying In Shape

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Playing 2 No-Fuss Ways To Stay In Shape | Instagram Influencer Hannah Bronfman

Getting into a workout routine can be really challenging, especially if you're doing it on your own. That's why Instagram influencer Hannah Bronfman (she has over 600k followers!) swears by working out with a buddy.

"Honestly, having a workout partner is really important," she tells us. 

Hannah works out with her husband or her trainer, Kira Stokes — who texts Hannah every day to check in on her progress even on days when they're not working out together. (Goals!)

Essentially, it's all about having someone to help keep you accountable — and mixing it up so you don't get bored!

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"It's not about doing the same monotonous thing in the gym," Hannah continues. "Go to a dance class, go to a Pilates class or a long walk or a hike. Get outdoors and keep your body moving. It's not necessarily about doing something intense every day, but doing something that makes you feel good." 

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