Is Mouth-to-Mouth Not Required For CPR? Dr. Oz Explains + Demonstrates Hands-Only CPR

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Playing Dr. Oz On CPR: "Forget what you've seen on TV!"

Dr. Oz says when it comes to CPR, "forget what you've seen on TV!"

"[The] number one cause of death in America: heart problems," Dr. Oz says. "You can double the chance of survival with CPR."

However, while a common representation of CPR in media includes breathing into a person's mouth, Dr. Oz has something to say about that.

"The survival rates are actually better if you don't bother [with] breathing because you don't know how to do it right," he says.

Watch the doc demonstrate hands-only CPR in the video above.

Most importantly? Jump to action, Dr. Oz says. If there are other people around, be assertive and tell someone to call 911 as you're attending to the person in need.

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