Is There a Product That Can Help Reduce Snoring?

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Playing We Asked Genevieve Gorder's Husband Designer Christian Dunbar To Test An Anti-Snoring Backpack

Newlyweds Genevieve Gorder and Christian Dunbar agree that Christian's snoring isn't ideal for either of them.

"I fall asleep after he does," Genevieve says, "so that's an issue first of all, because he's making a whole lot of ruckus."

"It'd be cool not to snore and to feel totally rested," Christian says.

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Christian tested out a side-sleeping backpack to see if it could help quiet his snoring and give both he and Genevieve a better night's rest.

Product: WoodyKnows Side Sleeping Backpack

Claims to help you sleep in a position that will eliminate or substantially reduce snoring.

See what the couple thought of the backpack in the video above!

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