Jamie Lee Curtis Thinks Parents Should Get Off Their Phones

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Playing Jamie Lee Curtis Thinks Parents Should Get Off Their Phones

It’s a big year for Jamie Lee Curtis! This November she turns 60 (we’d never have guessed!), celebrates 35 years with her husband Christopher Guest and returns to the silver screen for the sequel of horror flick "Halloween"—40 years after the release of the original (which she also starred in)!

Very important birthdays and movie premieres aside, one of the things Jamie is MOST excited about right now is her new children’s book (her 12th!) entitled Me, Myselfie & I: A Cautionary Tale.

She calls it her “think piece,” as it addresses something she sees as a huge problem in our society: our obsession with ourselves.

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“The word ‘selfie’ is dangerous,” she warns, because it promotes constantly taking photos of ourselves and then analyzing them, often negatively.

The story is told from a mom’s point of view exploring, in Jamie’s words, “what happens when we become obsessed with ourselves instead of turning the camera off.” Parents, she says, have a responsibility to teach their kids -- and if there’s always a phone in the hand and a camera on, the kids will naturally mimic that.

But we still DID manage to get the scoop on her big birthday plans...

She’ll keep it low-key, she says, just a big birthday breakfast with family and a lot of giving thanks, since  (it actually falls on Thanksgiving!).

“I’m a card-carrying adult woman who knows what she wants” quipped Jamie, “and the truth is, I like breakfast!” We couldn’t agree more!/  

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… And of course her big movie coming out this October

“It’s a very scary movie”, she told us, “It’s incredibly intense.”

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