Julie Andrews & Daughter Dish On Their New Storytelling Podcast For Kids, "Julie's Library"

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Playing Julie Andrews On Releasing Her New Podcast Julie's Library Early | #StayHome

We could all use a spoonful of sugar right now — and that's what Mary Poppins herself, Julie Andrews, and her daughter Emma plan to give us with their new storytelling podcast, "Julie's Library."

And guess what? They're releasing early in light of the coronavirus pandemic — and parents will love it.

"It's quite daunting, I have to say, because I want to do it well," Julie tells Rach and John via video chat from her Hamptons home. "I want children and their parents and maybe grandparents to sit and listen and tune in. You want to make it as interesting as possible. The podcast is all about reading, and it'll be children's picture books."

"The podcast is called 'Julie's Library,' and it's set in a library," Emma adds. "And mom and I are theoretically in the library together reading these wonderful books that we've chosen. What we've tried to do is to select as broad and diverse a range of books as possible — in terms of different themes [and] cultural backgrounds. We wanted it to be as diverse as possible."

Watch the video above to learn more about it.

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