Kelsey Grammer Sounds Off On The Possibility of a "Cheers" Reunion

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Playing Kelsey Grammer Sounds Off On a Potential Cheers Reboot

There have been so many television reboots lately — "Fuller House," "Will & Grace," "One Day at a Time," "Gilmore Girls," to name a few — so we couldn't help but wonder, what about "Cheers"?

Luckily, Kelsey Grammer (aka Frasier Crane) shared his thoughts on the matter!

"We tried to do a 'Cheers' reunion on 'Frasier,' [but] they weren't particularly crazy about the idea," Kelsey tells Rach. "So I think that ship has sailed."

While there's no "Cheers" reboot in sight, Kelsey does have hopes to keep directing. He directed about 30 episodes of "Frasier" and various pilots and says he truly enjoys it.

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