Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Talk "Frozen 2," "Veronica Mars" Reboot + "Bless This Mess"

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Playing Kristen Bell + Dax Shepard On Frozen 2, Veronica Mars Reboot & Bless This Mess

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are couple goals in so many ways. They've been together for 12 (!!) years and they have two adorable daughters. Not to mention the fact that both husband and wife are extremely successful actors!

When the lovable pair came on the show to hang with Rach, they had A LOT to cover. These two must have some seriously packed schedules!

First up, Rach had to ask about "Frozen 2," and even though Kristen couldn't reveal very much about the new story, she did give us a few clues.

"I can say, you'll see the original characters and maybe... more," the actress teases.

She also revealed that there are hidden clues, or Easter eggs, in the "Frozen 2" movie poster.

And while it might feel like "Frozen 2" has been a long time coming, Kristen explains that there's one big reason why it took the writers so long to complete the story.

"They were very concerned with, 'Let's not just make episode two of Frozen. Let's make the next story that needs to be told in these girls' lives, in the life of Arendelle,'" Kristen explains.

Kristen also teased the "Veronica Mars" reboot, which airs on Hulu July 26. "It's a reboot of all the same characters, same world," she says. Except, she dishes, "Now Veronica's an adult and she's living in a darker world."

Meanwhile, Dax has a TV project of his own, starring alongside Lake Bell on ABC's show "Bless This Mess."

"It's a very funny show where a couple of New Yorkers decide to have a simpler life in Nebraska — and of course, it's not that simple for them," Dax says.

And while they are extremely supportive of one another's personal projects, Kristen and Dax also have a shared endeavor.

They are co-founders of Hello Bello, a new line of plant-based baby care products. As parents themselves, Kristen and Dax believe no parent should have to choose between their baby and their budget.

Whew, we told you they're busy bees!

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