Makeup Video Tutorial: How to Contour In 3 Easy Steps

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Playing MAKEUP TUTORIAL: How To Do 3-Step Contouring With Gretta Monahan

Of course, you’ve heard of contouring, the magical process of using makeup to make the angles of your face POP.

But do you know how to contour?

Well, first, if not, don’t worry — you are definitely not alone.

But secondly, gear up, because our good friend and beauty guru Gretta Monahan is about to show you how!

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After visiting Rach, Gretta stopped backstage so that she could give you a step-by-step tutorial in the art of contouring.

And as it turns out, it’s a lot easier than you’re probably expecting!

If you’re going for a “basic” contour — you know, for a day at the office — follow these tips from Gretta: 

1. Use darker shade to create boomerang shape under cheek bone up side of forehead

2. Use lighter shade to create half-moon shape on top of cheek bone

3. Sweep of blush on the apple of the cheek

Watch Gretta demonstrate in the video above!

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But, if you’re looking to glam it up for a night on the town, start with the three steps above — and then add these steps below: 

4. Nose Contour:
a. light shade on bridge of nose
b. dark shade on sides and tip of nose

5. Jawline Contour:
a. dark shade just under jawline from ear to ear

6. Brighten Center of Face:
a. light shade on chin
b. light shade in the center of your forehead
c. light shade to the top of the bow of the lip

And one more final (and optional) tip for anyone looking for a bit of sparkle (which, who isn’t?!):

7. Add an illuminator/highlighter (anything with sparkle) to half-moon on the cheek bone and a little on bridge of nose

And there you have it! And again, Gretta walks through *all* of this in the video above.

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