Meet The Bulldog Named...Rachael Ray!

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Playing Meet The Bulldog Named...Rachael Ray!

Rach couldn't have been more excited to meet her doggie namesake -- Rachael Ray, the bulldog!

Owner Miguel brought the 6-year-old (and 65-pound!) pup on set, where she got the best seat in the house -- right on Rach’s sofa!

Rachael Ray with Bulldog
Rachael Ray Show

So, how did the bulldog acquire this extra-special moniker?

Well, Miguel actually inherited the pup from his cousin, who couldn’t take care of her because she was in the midst of moving. His cousin's husband is named Ray, and they’re all big fans of the show. So, when he met the pup, he says, it was love at first sight -- and he knew her name *had* to  be Rachael Ray!

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Being that adorable, Rach wonders, does she get stopped in the street all the time?


"When I tell them she’s Rachael Ray," Miguel says, "they just crack up. It's a conversation starter." We can only imagine!

Of course, Rach gave the four-legged Rachael Ray Nutrish food!

"I think that’s gonna be a big bill with this girl!" Rach quips.

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