Meet Leon Logothetis, The Man Who Travels Without a Penny + Survives On The Kindness Of Strangers

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Playing This Man Quit His Job To Travel The World — And He Relies Solely On The Kindness Of Strangers

Leon Logothetis is a motivational speaker, TV host and author of five books, including his bestselling memoir The Kindness Diaries.

Not to mention that the former broker-turned-world traveler has also been to all seven continents and visited more than 100 countries!

His newest book, Go Be Kind, is on sale now and season 2 of his inspirational series "The Kindness Diaries" is currently streaming on Netflix.

The show follows the philanthropist and adventurer as he sets out to drive from Alaska — in the middle of winter! — to Argentina, in a 50-year-old yellow VW Beetle. And as if that isn't a lofty enough goal, Leon also relies entirely on the kindness of strangers to help him complete his journey. (A.K.A. he travels without a penny!)

Despite having no food, no gas and no place to stay, Leon won't accept any money — but he will accept acts of kindness, like a cup of coffee or help pushing his car out of a snow bank.

Of course, he also gives back to these (and other) good Samaritans, in inspiring and sometimes unexpected ways.

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Leon says he was badly bullied as a child, and he also felt very alone later in life working as a broker in London. He cites these experiences as a large part of what inspired his kindness journey, but there were other factors, too.

"As a kid, I would say… I was saved by a teacher that made me feel like I mattered, by being kind," Leon explains. "And I promised myself that I would go out into the world and do what she did for me, for others."

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And when he saw the movie "The Motorcycle Diaries" — which is based on the true story of Che Guevara's motorcycle trip across South America —  Leon made a decision.

"In that moment, I realized that there was another way to live," Leon says. "I didn't have to sit behind that desk. I could go out and connect with people. I could go out and be inspired by people."

So, he quit his job — and the rest is history! Because like Leon says, "True wealth is in our hearts, not in our wallets."

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