Mommy Makeover: Before and After Weight-Loss Pics Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

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Playing Mom Weight-Loss Makeover: The Before and After Pics Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Cheryl is a 42-year-old teacher and mother of two from Long Island, New York, who also happens to be a huge fan of Rachael's.

Cheryl went to a taping of the show in 2018, around the time when she was at her heaviest weight, she says.

Makeover Before Photo
Rachael Ray Show

"When I saw that picture of myself on Rachael's set, I didn't realize I had gotten that big and I didn't recognize myself at all," Cheryl says. "That was really my realization moment — I needed to make a change."

She made an appointment with the doctor, who told her she was a perfect candidate for bariatric sleeve surgery. 

"My highest weight was 287 pounds," Cheryl says, "and now, today, I weigh 179 pounds."

Since surgery, Cheryl's learned different ways of eating and preparing healthier food for herself and her family. 

"We all eat a lot healthier now and I think it's really great for the family," Cheryl's son says.

Cheryl lost over 100 pounds and looks amazing, but she admits she doesn't know what to wear now. "I wear loose-fitting tank tops and dresses. I just throw them on and I run out of the house with a pair of flip-flops," she says. "I am ready for the new me!"

We enlisted fashion expert Tommy DiDario to give Cheryl a well-deserved mommy makeover (for his first ever female makeover on our show, by the way). Miguel from Oscar Blandi salon did Cheryl's hair, and the entire reveal did NOT disappoint.

Watch the video above to see Cheryl's emotional reaction to seeing her sexy new look for the first time, and check out the amazing before and after pictures below.

Makeover Before and After Side by Side Photos
Rachael Ray Show

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