Mommy Makeover: Mom Who Wears Same Outfit Every Day Raids Celeb Stylist's Closet

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Playing Mom Who Wears Tracksuits Every Day Shops Gretta Monahan's Closet for a Style Makeover

Meet Lori — a 51-year-old mom from New Jersey who says she is "in desperate need of a clothing makeover."

According to Lori, she wears almost the exact same outfit every day — a velour sweatsuit with a tank top underneath. (Sounds comfy to us, but we understand her wanting to spice it up a bit!)

"If I'm going out somewhere, I actually have dressier yoga pants that I'll put on," she admits. "I would love to look sexy and feel sexy and that just doesn't happen for me."

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Lori feels like she can't compete with the stylish clothes worn by the "much younger" mothers of her 10-year-old son's friends.

She's also very petite, which she says "can be very difficult when [she's] trying to shop."

Enter celeb stylist Gretta Monahan, who was kind enough to give Lori the opportunity to snag some of her clothes for her very own wardrobe.

Gretta made it her goal to prove to Lori that she can look and feel sexy (and young!) just by choosing the right clothes for her frame.

Watch the video above to see how Lori's "shopping" spree in Gretta's closet went — and, of course, for the final makeover reveal that Lori's husband simply called "beautiful."

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