Mr. Bean Has More Followers Than Swift & Bieber, But Rowan Atkinson REFUSES To Do Social Media

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Okay, since you've already read the headline, let's ask —

Do you know which TV character/brand has the most Facebook followers around the globe?

Go ahead, think about it, we'll wait.

⏰ ⏰ ⏰

Still stumped? Alright, we'll tell you — it's Mr. Bean!

That's right, with more followers that Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and even Harry Potter, Mr. Bean, who's played by the incomparable Rowan Atkinson, has a WHOPPING 80 million followers to his name.

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But Rowan? There's no way you'll catch him on the social media platform — or any other one for that matter!

"I tend to keep myself to myself a lot," Rowan admits. "I'm not on social media, in any shape or form. I prefer to keep all my activities on a personal level personal and private. Just because I find it much more relaxing. I find the whole concept of social media to be sort of un-relaxing."

Hey, we get it — it can certainly be a full-time job!

That said, he does understand why Mr. Bean gets so much love — all over the world.

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"I suppose with Mr. Bean in particular, because he's a largely silent character, that there's no doubt that he was slightly contrived to have international appeal," says Rowan."I had already started exploring pure visual comedy on stage, and I was interested in trying to put visual comedy through the character of Mr. Bean on TV. So that's where it started. [We started] in '88, '89, and it just grew from there."

Of course, Mr. Bean isn't the only character Rowan is beloved for. He's also the star of the spy spoof series, "Johnny English," which has its third film," Johnny English Strikes Again," hitting theaters on October 26th.

And here's a fun fact — he drove his own car in the movie!

A cherry-red 1979 Aston Martin Vantage.

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Not bad being a big star, right? Even if you are a private one. ?

Watch more from Rowan and Rach's chat in the video above!

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