Nail Art Trends 2021: How To Get The Year's Hottest Looks At Home | Rach's Nail Artist Pattie Yankee

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Playing DIY Manicure | Nail Art Trends 2021 | Tutorials From Rach's Nail Artist Pattie Yankee

We've covered how to remove a gel manicure at home and how to do gel nails at home, and now, Rach's nail artist Pattie Yankee is here to help us with some well-deserved pampering. She shared 4 DIY nail scrubs, soaks and masks — and once your nails are looking and feeling healthy, she's got five trendy manicures you can try. 

Pattie's showed us how to recreate five of this year's biggest nail art designs at home, using surprising tools — like pasta! Watch all five demos in the video above, and keep reading for her top tips, plus photos of each of the fun and classic trends.

Nail Art Trend 1: Polka Dots

Polka Dot Nail Art Trend
Rachael Ray Show

Pro Tip: Pattie puts a small amount of nail polish on some tin foil, and dips a piece of uncooked spaghetti into that polish, using the spaghetti to create perfect polka dots on her nails. "I like to go right down the center [of the nail] first, and then fill any empty spaces alongside it," she says. 

Nail Art Trend 2: Negative Space Art

Negative Space Art Nail Trend
Rachael Ray Show

Pro Tip: This trend "means that you leave your nail bare and apply color on it in sporadic places," the celeb nail artist explains. She likes to use her tin foil palette and spaghetti again, and this time Pattie also uses the end of a piece of uncooked penne pasta for a more textured dot. "There's no way you can make a mistake with this," she adds.

Nail Art Trend 3: Water Marble

Water Marble Nail Art Trend
Rachael Ray Show

Pro Tip: "You always want to start out with the lightest [nail polish color] first," Pattie explains, working your way up to the darkest color. Watch the video above for the full demonstration.

Nail Art Trend 4: Ombré

Ombre Nail Art Trend
Rachael Ray Show

Pro Tip: Pattie uses a makeup sponge to achieve this look. "You can use a little bit lighter pressure on the end going towards your cuticle, so it will fade. When you apply the top coat it blends the two colors together a little bit better," she says. "Super easy, and ombrés are always on trend."

Nail Art Trend 5: French Manicure

French Manicure Nail Art Trend
Rachael Ray Show

Pro Tip: To achieve the classic French manicure look, Pattie recommends taking a chalk white polish and swiping it across the tip of your finger on the opposite hand. "This gives you leverage to just apply it right at the edge of your nail," she explains. "Press it on top of your free edge and it's going to give you a wonderful, perfect French line."

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