Overcooked Your Meat? Rach's Pro Tips For Saving It

Burnt Steak
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Overcooked your meat? Rachael has some easy tricks for rescuing it so you don't waste money. (Meat is expensive, after all!)

"If the meat is dry — and I mean any meat, from Thanksgiving turkey to steak — you can slice it against the grain and put it in a bath of stock or bone broth," Rachael says.

"Understand it's not going to taste like a juicy, medium rare steak. It's going to taste like you made a brisket, like a slow-cooked braised meat," she continues, "but you won't have to waste it."

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"Once you bring it back to life in stock," Rach adds, you have plenty of options. "You could chop it up and turn it into a ragu sauce for pasta, turn it into chili, [make] fajitas, quesadillas or taquitos with it, turn it into hash with potatoes... You just need to kind of disguise what happened."

Rachael uses a similar trick for reviving overcooked vegetables. If you've overcooked your vegetables, "add more stock, puree it, add a little cream and you make cream of whatever that vegetable is," she says. So smart!

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