Queer Eye's Bobby Berk's Desert Home Tour (+ DIY Projects + Tips to Get the Look on a Budget)

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Looking for some design inspo? Look no further than Queer Eye's Bobby Berk's new desert home renovation.  

"I just completed a big project for our desert home," Bobby says. "I've always been obsessed with the desert. So, we were out at a friend's birthday at a home down the street and I was like, 'My god, I've always wanted to have a home here and I'm finally in a position to have one.'  

"It's on five acres, and it's all these little homes that this family built through the '60s, '70s and '80s, so it has this wonderful feeling and personality."  

Bobby gave us a look inside and shared some easy DIY projects, and tips inspired by the desert vibe, so you can get the look yourself on a budget.  

1. DIY Basket Pendant Lights for a Unique, Dramatic Touch 

bobby house
Rachael Ray Show

"We had these beautiful baskets hand woven in Tunisia. So, we did about 13 of them in that one space—and you don't have to get them hand woven in Tunisia to find something cool," Bobby explains.  

Instead, you can DIY your own basket light and have them assembled in minutes—and the look is just as dramatic and chic. 

Watch Bobby show you how to DIY a basket pendant light here

2. Try Self-Adhesive Wallpaper In Hallways and Closets 

bobby house
Rachael Ray Show

"The hallway was this weird, honestly kind of creepy, hallway. It was dark. There [are] no windows. It was the hallway that goes to a bedroom in a different part of the house. So, I wanted people to actually get excited about going to this hall instead of creepy, so I added wallpaper," Bobby says.  

bobby house
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He also did it in the closet in the primary bedroom. "Most people don't think of putting wallpaper in a closet, but I love putting wallpaper in a closet because it just adds that little cool moment. Like you pull your clothes apart about you're like 'oh there's that cute wallpaper!'" he adds.  

Going for a self-adhesive wallpaper not only makes it DIY, but also makes it less expensive since you don't have to hire an installer—and you still achieve the same chic look! 

3. Swap Full-Sized Rugs for Runners 

bobby house
Rachael Ray Show

"A lot of times, people think, 'I need to do a full-sized rug in a room.'You don't have to. I [especially] don't always love rugs under the table because they can get food on them," he says.  

"I do runners under beds—it goes through the bed, so when you put your feet on the floor [it's there]," Rach adds.  

"Or if you have the space, you can do one on each side, because a lot of time a 5x7 is too small or an 8x10 is too big, so you can put a runner on each side," Bobby explains. 

And guess what—Bobby has a new line of runners with QVC, so you can stock up from there.  

Diamond Stripe 2' x 7.8' Runner by Bobby Berk

Diamond Stripe 2' x 7.8' Runner by Bobby Berk

$102 $93


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