Rach Read Harlan Coben's Book "Win" In 3 Days & Wants Ryan Gosling Cast In On-Screen Adaptation

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Playing What Does Harlan Coben Think About Rach's Idea Of Ryan Gosling Playing His Next Main Character?

If you know Rachael, you know that Harlan Coben is one of her absolute favorite authors. (She loves a good thriller!) 

"[He's] one of my favorite authors," Rach has said, "and he's a fantastic thriller writer."

She's been raving about his latest book, Win, since she got an advance copy to read in January—and now, it's officially out for you to read. (If Rach doesn't convince you to, we don't know who will.)

"The last book that blew my mind—actually the last two books that have blown my mind—both belong to our next guest, Harlan Coben," Rach says. "I thought I was pretty cool—I read it in three days."

But John had Rach beat.

"John beat me," she says. "He read the book in two days." 

"The problem with your books, Harlan, is that they are so good, they read and play in my head like movies and they go too fast," Rach tells the thriller author.

"It's like when you binge-watch 'Breaking Bad' or whatever," John adds, "you binge-read Harlan's books. That's what happens, because you can't put 'em down."

Turns out, that's Harlan's goal.

"My goal, always, is that you take the book to read around 11 o'clock at night and you say, 'I'm just going to read for like 10 minutes and then I'll go to sleep,'" he tells Rach and John. "And then it's 4 in the morning and you're deliriously happy and you're cursing me out because you [were] kept up all night. That's what I hope Win is about more than anything else."

Okay, so, if Rach and John haven't sold you on Win yet, allow Harlan to try.

"[Win] is ridiculously dangerous," Harlan says about the titular character, "and as the book opens, a hoarder is found dead in an Upper West Side apartment and when they find out his identity, it blows the world apart. And they also find a Vermeer painting that was stolen 20 years earlier from Win's family. That's the first chapter, and then we're off to the races."

"[Win] is like an R-rated Batman without the bad costume," John adds. Harlan's response? "Boom! Yeah, he is."

Now, if Win follows in the footsteps of two of Harlan's other thrillers, The Woods and The Stranger, it could end up as a Netflix series. (Yes, please!) And Rach is already casting it.

"Win is such a vividly drawn character," Rach adds. "I started talking with you last time we saw each other, [and I was like], 'Who's going to play Win?' Now, our producer is in on it, too. I think she might have a winner. I want Ryan Gosling now." 

"He'd be good," Harlan says. "He'd be a good Win." Well, we can't wait to stream that.

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