Rachael's Favorite Christmas Side Dish Is a Sentimental Family Recipe


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This Is Rachael + Her Family's Favorite Christmas Eve Side Dish Aired December 24, 2018

When one viewer named Linda asked Rachael what her favorite Christmas side dish is, Rach had a lot to say.

While it of course depends on who she's cooking for, Rachael explains that in general, as someone who cooks for a living, it's all about the reaction.

"Really what you want to see is — when a child opens a present that they really love — that's the factor you're going for when people take a bite of anything," she says.

Specifically, though, Rachael's family does have a favorite side dish for Christmas Eve: Her Grandpa Emmanuel's Baked Stuffed Artichokes.

"It's a lot of anchovies in the breadcrumbs, so it's super salty and yummy," Rach explains, "lots of cheese and parsley and pepper and a little mint."

And to make this dish even more festive? They happen to resemble stars!

"They look like giant stars because we leave the leaves long and pointy and they just open up," Rach says. "They're huge — they're bigger than my head!"

And on Christmas Day? Rachael plans on serving up some stuffed mushrooms, green beans with shallots, horseradish sauce and au jus as sides to go with a main course of prime rib and popovers.

Want to know what else is on Rachael's Christmas menu?

You're in luck, because she's dishing on her go-to main dishes, too! Watch the video below to find out:

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