Rachael's Living Room Got a Chic Makeover! Here's How to Get The Look

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Playing Rachael's Living Room Got a Chic Makeover! Here's How to Get The Look

We just kicked off season 13 here at the show, and over the summer, we wanted to do a little sprucing up around the set.

While we loved the decor of our original living room, it needed a bit of an update. (Did we mention we're in season 13?!) And who better to master a makeover than our resident design guru Taniya Nayak?

Using stunning pieces from Rachael's very own furniture line, some bold paint and a bit of elbow grease, Taniya whipped our space into shape — with totally incredible results.

(See for yourself in the video above!)

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Feeling inspired? Here's everything you need to know to get the look in your own home:


Let's start with arguably the *star* of the space — the big comfy couch (Rachael Ray Home Track Arm Sofa with Nailhead Trim)! Rach loves it (and so do we) — and it comes in TWELVE different fabrics.

rachael ray home couch
Rachael Ray Home

"You can't stain it," Rach says. (a.k.a. If it's Isaboo-proof, it can handle *anything*!)

And the Tufted Black Leather Cocktail Ottoman that Taniya situated right in front of it (so people can kick back and relax!) is SO versatile.

rachael ray home
Rachael Ray Home

"You can play games on this, you can put food down on it," Rach says. "[And] it's extra seating for parties."

As for accessorizing, a good rule of thumb is to go with odd numbers — like three pillows on a couch instead of four, says Taniya.

Now, how about this AMAZING Leather and Metal Rocker? Well, it's from Rach's new Austin furniture collection — as are the rest of the featured pieces — and we could not be more obsessed.

rachael ray home chair
Rachael Ray Home

"I spend a lot of time in Austin, Texas," Rach explains. "It's another home away from home for me. And I had a lot of fun designing this."

"There's a lot of '70s vibes going on with this and a mixture of texture between leather and brass," she goes on. "It's such a sexy chair!"

(We agree, Rach, we agree!)

Taniya completed the look with this multi-function Writing Desk with Brass Finished Wood Accents and Round Pedestal Chairside Table.


The color and texture of a wall can change everything in the room, are we right?

Because there are so many lights in our studio, Taniya went with bright colors for Rach's living room and made sure they would read well on camera.

Embrace different colors and mismatched pieces, Taniya says. "As long as you love it, that's all that matters!"

She also showed Rach a handy way of using tape to create a striped paint design AND how she uses plastic brick (you heard us!) to create texture.

See how both are done in the video below!


Not only do rugs provide soundproofing and a comfy place to stand and walk, but they also expand a space, Taniya says.

"The bigger the rug, the bigger the room feels," the design pro explains.

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She opted for this turquoise rug from Rach's Highline Collection:

rachael ray home rug
Rachael Ray Home

Gorgeous, right?

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