Rach's First-Ever 2-Day Premiere for Season 17 Will Be on Location in ITALY

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Playing Sneak Peek: Rach Is in ITALY for First-Ever 2-Day Premiere

Who's ready?! 

We had a very sweet Sweet 16 season...and we're ready for more! Season 17 of Rachael premieres on Monday, September 12—and we couldn't be more excited ... especially because the premiere will be in Italy!

That's right, for our first-ever two-day premiere event, Rach is premiering Season 17 on location at her home in Tuscany, Italy.

Check your local listings here to watch!  

Rach and John will take you all on an exclusive tour of their Tuscany property, which they transformed from a stable to their dream home. Plus, Rach is sharing her favorite places in the neighboring towns—from restaurants to shops and more.  

Look forward to a season full of star-studded guests, including Kate Hudson, Lorraine Bracco, Cameron Diaz, Jesse Palmer, CBS Morning's Nate Burleson and Tony Dokoupil and celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, Jaques Pépin and Jose Andres.   

"We are so excited to kick off Season 17 with a trip to Rachael's home in Italy!" our Senior Executive Producer, Janet Annino, says. "Over the past few years, Rachael has brought viewers into her home and her life as never before, and we will continue to do that this season whether from Italy, our New York City studio or Rach’s house upstate. We're looking at this season as a celebration—of our viewers, of people doing incredible things in their community, of food and fun and celebrity friends we’ve made along the way!"

As Rach says, "What's better than one homebase? Two, of course!" That's why she'll be continuing to bring you the best meals, the best people, the best stories, the best tips and so much more from our NYC studio and her home. (And now—bonus—her home in Italy, too!)

As we approach nearly 3,000 episodes, one thing that Rach has taught us and our viewers is to celebrate our everyday successes. Whether it's making a great meal, shining the light on people doing amazing things in their communities, giving a special someone a makeover or congratulating celebrities on their latest projects, we celebrate you. Join Rachael for "Celebration Nation." In Season 17, everyone is invited to the party.

Yes, that means YOU are invited to be a studio audience member. Click here to get free tickets

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