Real Women Try 2020 Red Carpet Trends (with Clinton Kelly's help!)

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Playing Real Women Try Bra Tops, Bold '70s Prints & Puffy Sleeves | Style Pro Clinton Kelly

Okay, red carpet trends are fun to look at, but can real people pull them off? Former "What Not To Wear" host Clinton Kelly thinks so. (And for the record, we do, too!)

He's helping to recreate the biggest trends we're seeing on the runway, the red carpet and in stores — like bra tops, bold prints and puffy sleeves — with real women. 


ariana grande

73% of our studio audience* liked this trend!

Why? "There's a way to do it really tastefully," Clinton says — like Ariana did. 

How to pull off the bra top trend: "The key to doing the bra as a top is to pair it with pieces that are more classic in nature," the style pro explains. "We paired it here with a classic plaid trouser [and] a great jacket that she could keep open. So she's really not showing a ton of skin. It's almost like a cropped crop top." 

bra top trend
Rachael Ray Show

"If you are going to do the bra as a top," he continues, "just think about either showing cleavage or a little bit of mid-section." 


"Big, bold prints are everywhere this year," Clinton says. "They look a lot like 1970s wallpaper."

kaitlyn dever

53% of our studio audience* did NOT like this trend.

Why? "I think that Kaitlyn [Dever] was overwhelmed by the dress," the fashion expert explains. "The dress was wearing her instead of her wearing the dress." 

How to pull off the bold prints trend: "Find the silhouette that works best for your body type and then find the print that goes along with it," Clinton advises. "Don't just buy it for the print — buy it for the silhouette first and hopefully it's a print that you like as well."

bold print trend
Rachael Ray Show


isla fisher

65% of our studio audience* did NOT like this trend.

Why? "I think that's because the puffy sleeve in this instance was kind of weighing her down," Clinton explains. "A puffy sleeve can make you look taller, it could make you look wider or it can make you look shorter. The trick is finding the right one."

How to pull off the puffy sleeves trend: "If you do one that's a little bit of a puff on the shoulder like this, it actually makes you look like you're standing up straighter [and] it makes you look taller," the style expert says. "You want to look for one that's fitted in the midsection so you don't lose the waist definition."

puffy sleeve trend
Rachael Ray Show

*This segment was filmed before production was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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