Salted vs Unsalted Butter: Does It Really Make a Difference Which You Use?

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We've all been there — you pull up a chocolate chip cookie recipe (or really any baking recipe for that matter) and it calls for unsalted butter … and all you have is salted. Is that such a bad thing? 

Well, some bakers strongly believe that using unsalted butter is key to controlling flavor in baking — but Rach personally doesn't think swapping one for the other is such a big deal. (Especially right now, while we're all trying to work with what we already have in our fridge and pantry!)

"It's a matter of personal preference," Rach says.

Is there a big difference between salted and unsalted butter?
"No, there isn't," Rach says. "I think the difference is negligible and it's not going to be so salty that it would change your chocolate chip cookie recipe or what have you."

"If you're watching your salt for health reasons," she goes on, "of course buy unsalted."

Can I use salted butter in place of unsalted butter — or vice versa?
"Generally speaking, recipes call for sweet butter," Rach says. "Some people say it lasts a little longer in the fridge. Who cares? You keep butter in the freezer anyway — at least I do — until you're ready to defrost and use it."

"I love salted butter," she goes on. "I love salt in everything. [Chef] Jacques Pépin buys salted butter when he buys butter. I like salt, so even if the recipe says unsalted butter, I put in salted butter and I would still add salt. That's just who I am."

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