Scott Bakula On Why He Worried 100th Episode of "NCIS: New Orleans" Wouldn't Happen

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Playing NCIS: New Orleans Star Scott Bakula On Why He Was Superstitious About 100th Episode

Reaching the 100th episode of a television show is a pretty big deal — and if you can believe it, Scott Bakula only recently got to bask in that joy.

"This is my first time to get to 100 [episodes]," Scott tells Rach about "NCIS: New Orleans" reaching the milestone.

What about "Quantum Leap," you ask? 97.

"'Star Trek Enterprise' had to have reached 100," you're probably saying to yourself. Nope — 98, the actor says.

Wild, right?!

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So, naturally, as the 100th episode of "NCIS: New Orleans" was approaching, Scott felt a bit uneasy — especially because his colleagues were already talking about throwing a big party to celebrate.

"'Don't have it before we finish,'" Scott jokes he begged them. "'I have a bad feeling.'"

Sure enough, right before the episode started filming, Scott's makeup artist called him and asked him if he had heard about the looming Hurricane Gordon.

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"There goes the 100," he thought at the time. "Not gonna happen."

Thankfully, he was wrong. Just look at those big smiles in front of that gorgeous cake!

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Congrats, guys!

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