SmartyPits Deodorant Is The Natural Option Beauty Pro Gretta Monahan Was Looking For

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Playing This Natural Deodorant Actually Works, Beauty Pro Gretta Monahan Says

If you're anything like us, every once in a while, you take inventory of your makeup, skincare and hygiene collections and feel the urge to upgrade to more natural and sustainable products—but you still want them to work. After all, nothing feels better than taking care of your body and the planet, while not sacrificing results.

That's exactly what style + beauty pro Gretta Monahan did when it came to her deodorant. (Let's be honest—nobody wants to sacrifice results when it comes to deodorant, are we right?)

"One everyday essential that I have upgraded for sure is under-arm deodorant," Gretta says. "I know, that's getting really personal. But it was really important to me. I wanted a deodorant that was clean, but worked—[one that] was strong." 

"I found a company called SmartyPits," she continues. "I love it so much. It smells amazing." 

One of her faves? The Cool Cucumber!

SmartyPits Aluminum-Free Deodorant In Cool Cucumber

SmartyPits Aluminum-Free Deodorant In Cool Cucumber


"It's actually made with plant prebiotics, so it not only smells amazing, but it actually works," Gretta adds. "It keeps you cool [and] dry. It's got a really great feeling on the skin. It does not have aluminum. It does not have phthalates. It does not have propylene glycol. It doesn't have any of the ingredients that we don't need." 

Another plus? "They also have a plastic-free packaging option," she says, "which I think is so cool. They kind of feel like cool beauty."

SmartyPits Sustainable Aluminum-Free Deodorant In Lavender Rose

SmartyPits Sustainable Aluminum-Free Deodorant In Lavender Rose


And those aren't the only pros. Perhaps the biggest pro of all is that a percentage of purchases goes towards a really great cause.

"The best part is, not only is it woman-led and woman-founded," the beauty pro explains, "but they also give back 1% of sales to life-saving breast cancer research and survivor support." Amazing!

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