Some "Tough Love" Advice for Soon-to-be-Dads from a Self-Help Expert

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Playing Dr. Drew's Advice For Man With Pregnant Girlfriend

Here to help some of our viewers settle relationship debates is Dr. Drew Pinsky — and we're sure many of you in similar situations can also benefit from his advice!

Mom Royce is concerned about her son Ramel's role at home with his pregnant girlfriend. While Royce doesn't live with the couple, she's worried Ramel is not helping out enough with household chores and responsibilities.

She says that when she visits them, she sees Ramel playing video games or using his phone while the mother-to-be takes out the trash, brings in the groceries and picks up after him. Ramel works two jobs, wakes up early and doesn't get home until 10 p.m. most nights, so he says he's exhausted.

"He does clean and he does work, but I think that he can do more around the house," Royce says. She just wants Ramel to step up more.

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So, what does Dr. Drew think?

"Men — we're a little bit clueless about what happens to women," the doc says. "We certainly don't know about child rearing and we also don't know much about pregnancy."

He explains to Ramel that his girlfriend is essentially auditioning him for what's going to happen when the baby comes.

"The thing about being pregnant for a woman," Dr. Drew continues, "it is the most vulnerable time of her life."

He says that Ramel has to support his girlfriend even more so when she's feeling this vulnerable, because she needs to know more than ever that he will rise to the occasion in the same way once the baby is there.

"We have to step up when women are pregnant," the doc continues. "We have to step up when we are dads. Being a parent is hard; being a partner to somebody who is childbearing is hard. This is the hardest time of life."

Couples' satisfaction tends to get to the lowest at this point, Dr. Drew says. He adds that it would be great for mom Royce to step up, as well, if she can.

"Give them a little [break] once in a while," he says. "Maybe babysit so they can go out and they can have couple time. That's important, too."

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