The Best Days of The Week to Buy Groceries, Gas and Wine

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Playing Why Sunday Is The Best Day to Buy Groceries (+ more money-saving tips from Alexa von Tobel)

Let’s face it: we could all afford to spend a little less.

When it comes to items that are typically purchased from week to week, the secret is to learn which days to purchase and when to hold back.

LearnVest founder and financial guru Alexa von Tobel has a money-saving guide for the best days to buy certain key items. From groceries and wine to gas, Alexa shares the best shopping schedule for maximizing savings all year round.


Believe it or not, Sunday is the ideal day to do your grocery shopping. Alexa says it’s best to check your local paper and the circulars to snag coupons. Not only is the store less likely to be crowded, but you’ll have a better chance of scoring some amazing deals.

While shopping, she suggests bringing a list to spend less money and argues against buying in bulk if you don’t really need the items.

“Beware of the big bulk buys,” she says. “[...] You can end up using the big ‘savings’ and end up spending more money.”


Research shows that buying gas at the beginning of the week is less expensive. Alexa points out that gas stations may raise prices as travelers head into the weekend, so it’s best to fill up on Monday to save time and money.


On Tuesday, stock up on wine for a dinner or pick up a bottle as a hostess gift. According to research, this is when wine is least expensive. Alexa believes it’s because people tend to pick up wine toward the end of the week while they’re headed out. It’s best to get ahead of the rush and take advantage of the extra savings by purchasing your wine on Tuesday.

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