The Best Gift Ever for Cat Owners

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Playing Christmas Gift Ideas From the Editor-in-Chief of Rachael's Magazine

Gifting someone who favors a good feline this holiday season?

Rachael Ray In Season's Editor-in-Chief Lauren Iannotti's got your back!

When it comes to shopping for the cat owner in your life, she says only one gift will do: Cat Person's Mesa Bowl.

Cat Person Mesa Bowl

Cat Person Mesa Bowl

Which, who could argue? Look at this beaut!

Cat Person Mesa Bowl
Rachael Ray Show

According to Cat Person, the Mesa Bowl not only feeds cats at the ideal height for them (on the stand for adults; flat on the mat for kittens), but it's also designed to accommodate kitties' faces, as it's shaped to not aggravate their whiskers.

(It's the thoughtfulness for us!)

"It's a bit of an upgrade on their regular bowl, so it costs a bit more," says Lauren, noting the $40 price tag, but that's exactly why it's the perfect gift, she says. "It's a little bit elevated. Beautiful colors—trending colors... [And] it's something they can open up and start using immediately."

We'll purr to that!

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