The Best Host + Hostess Gift Ideas From Rachael That Aren't Wine or Flowers

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You never want to show up to a party empty-handed, but you also don't want to show up with the same run-of-the-mill gifts for your host or hostess (wine and flowers, we're looking at YOU).

"You're never supposed to bring cut flowers, it's actually quite rude to the host," Rach says, "because they have to take the time to go find a vessel and all that."

That's why Rachael is sharing her go-to *unique* host and hostess gifts that will set you apart from other guests this holiday season.


"[If] you're going for a weekend," Rach says, "everyone's going to eat breakfast or brunch, right?"

So why not take that task off the host's to-do list?

Rach likes to bring fancy English muffins from Model Bakery and pair them with jams from Beth's Farm Kitchen.

(Fun fact: She learned about the fancy English muffins from her buddies Oprah and Gayle King!)


Bringing wine may be overrated, but supplying ingredients for a fun cocktail isn't!

Rach and her hubby John — our resident cocktail maker — suggest bringing prosecco and aperol to make an Aperol Spritz.

"Aperol has become really popular because of Instagram and social media," John explains, "because of the color of it. It really pops nicely."

Give 'em something to Insta, are we right?


Hosting can be exhausting, so gift hosts and hostesses with everything they need for a relaxing movie night: popping corn, their favorite sweets, bottled beverages and a Fandango gift card to buy the tix. 

Plus, Rach presents it all in one of her Glazed Stoneware Mixing Bowls, which is a gift in and of itself!

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