The Best Products To Organize Yourself In 2021

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Playing 6 Of The Best Organizing Gadgets From 2019 | Organizing Expert Peter Walsh

Peter Walsh is our go-to organizing guy, and it's no wonder why! In 2019 alone, he helped our viewers tackle clutter as a couple and clean out their closets using a clutter quiz, provided a 13-step spring cleaning checklist and so much more.

And did we mention that he literally wrote the book on decluttering? Yep — Let It Go: Downsizing Your Way To a Richer, Happier Life.

"It's all about maximizing the space that you have and setting up clear areas for things," Peter says. Luckily, Peter is sharing six of his favorite organizing products that can help.

Check out the full list of handy gadgets below.

1. Range Kleen Battery Organizer

Battery Organizer Storage Case by Range Kleen

Battery drawer, no more! Clear up your electronic clutter with this handy battery organizer. Compartments of various sizes fit different battery types, plus there's a battery tester built right in, Peter explains.

2. Socket Shelf by Sharper Image

Sharper Image Socket Shelf 8 Port Surge Protector Wall Outlet

This product transforms your standard outlet by turning two sockets into six sockets, two USB ports, a shelf and a surge protector, Peter says.

3. The Container Store Shoe Space Saver Slots

Shoe Space Savers
The Container Store

Rather than laying out your shoes in a straight line, you can cut the amount of space taken up in half by using these Shoe Space Saver Slots to store shoes vertically, Peter says. See what he means in the video above!

4. Hammacher Schlemmer Travel Vacuum Compressor

Portable Vacuum Compressor
Hammacher Schlemmer

Love packing and storing bulky clothes using space-saver bags, but don't want to be dependent on a bulky vacuum cleaner when you're traveling? Well, there's a solution. This travel vacuum compressor attaches to the socket on a vacuum seal bag, plugs in via a connected USB cable and sucks all the air out of the bag in about two minutes — doubling the amount of space in a suitcase, Peter says. 

5. Got Memories

"Most of the homes I go into, people have video tapes, old films that they have but they don't want to throw out because there's so many memories on them," Peter says. But how many of us are regularly pulling out those tapes to watch them on a VHS player? 

That's why Peter suggests digitizing your VHS tapes by sending them to a company called Got Memories, which sends your footage back on either a DVD or a thumb drive. That means more physical space and easier access to actually watch and share your home movies.

6. Oceanstar 2-Tier Portable Adjustable Closet Hanger Rod

Oceanstar 2-Tier Portable Adjustable Rod Closet Hanger

"This is a really cool device that helps you to effectively double the hanging space in your closet," Peter says. "Two tiers — and the great thing about this is that it expands either horizontally or vertically. You simply hang your clothes on this and it gives you another rack of hanging in your closet."

Bonus Tip: If you have kids, you can drop the lower tier down to their height, so they can get their own clothes, Peter points out.

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