The Best Way to Clean Fallen Pine Needles From Your Christmas Tree

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Playing How To ACTUALLY Clean Up Pine Needles From The Floor

If your family gets a real Christmas tree every year, then you know that one thing’s a given:

Fallen pine needles!

But as frustrating as they may seem to clean up, it doesn’t have to be so!

The trick? A rubber broom! 

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“A regular broom… just sort of pushes it around and doesn’t really clean it up,” says Taniya Nayak, co-host of “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”

But a rubber broom, she says, “is going to sweep it right up!”

Added bonus: Rachael says the rubber broom is great for picking up pet hair, too! 

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Don't have a rubber broom? Taniya’s got a few more super-simple alternatives for you, too.

Watch the video above for her full tutorial! 

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