The Best Ways To Store Bras Without Ruining Them, According To an Expert Bra Fitter

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Let's face it — bras aren't exactly cheap. So the last thing you want to do with them is ruin them by storing them the wrong way. (We're all guilty of just squishing them all into a drawer, right?) 

That's why we were all eyes and ears when expert bra fitter Kimmay Caldwell showed us how she stores her bras. After all, Kimmay admits to having around 200 (!!) bras, so if anyone knows how to store them the right way, she's our gal.  

(For the record, despite her large collection, Kimmay says there are really only a few staples that everyone should have in their collection. Get her bra recommendations here.) 

How To Store Strapless Bras

Use a tiered pants or skirt hanger, Kimmay says.

kimmay caldwell
Rachael Ray Show

"I like to take a pant or skirt hanger and alternate on different sides," she explains. "You can keep your strapless bras hung up in a closet. Just make sure they do not get crushed."

How To Store Molded Bras

This one is more about how NOT to store them. 

"If they are molded, never fold one cup into the other," Kimmay says. "You can stack them directly behind each other and put them either into a really pretty container … or you can just put them in the drawer like I do."

Kimmay uses cute containers with and without lids to store her bras. Here are some similar ones that we love:

1. Loft Woven Storage Bins With Handles, $22/ea. - $30/ea., The Container Store

woven bins
The Container Store

2. Wire Lined Charlotte Basket, $5 - $13, World Market

wire lined charlotte basket
World Market

3. mDesign Storage Organizer Box with Lid and Metal Plate, $19Target

storage bin with lid and metal plate

4. Lambs & Ivy Ombre Storage Basket in Grey, $25, Bed Bath & Beyond

ombre storage basket
Bed Bath & Beyond

5. Farmhouse Storage Box, $13, The Container Store

container store farmhouse storage box
The Container Store

6. Honey-Can-Do Woven Baskets, $20, Amazon

amazon woven baskets

7. White Oval Metal Container, $5, Hobby Lobby

white oval metal container
Hobby Lobby

How To Store Bra Accessories

"You can put them into a little accessory bag. Anything that has a zipper or a drawstring is really awesome for that. 

Kimmay has an adorable Kate Spade pouch that's no longer in stock — but we love these, too! (FYI, they're much smaller than Kimmay's.)

As for extra bra straps (you know, the ones that come with multiway bras), Kimmay suggests keeping pairs together using either a bobby pin or a safety pin. "That way, they don't get separated," she says.

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