The Meatball Shop's Executive Chef Created a 6-Pound Meatball Filled With Spaghetti

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Playing Watch The Meatball Shop's Exec Chef Cut Into His 6-Pound Meatball Stuffed With Spaghetti

You've heard of spaghetti and meatballs but have you heard of spaghetti IN meatball? That's right, a massive meatball filled with spaghetti and cheese. Sounds deliciously unbelievable, right?

Well, lucky for us, IT'S A REAL THING!

Daniel Sharp, Executive Chef at NYC's The Meatball Shop, created this six — yes SIX — pound delicacy.

"I think some of the best ideas are the most obvious ones where you just can't believe it took this long," Daniel says.

So what goes into this wild concoction? Daniel starts with premium quality meat. Then he adds ricotta, which he says "makes the meatballs lighter" and breadcrumbs (or what Daniel calls, "the real secret of a good meatball"). He then mixes in some herbs and spices and binds the whole thing together with egg. And of course, he mixes it all with his hands!

"Don't be shy," Daniel says. "Making meatballs is a contact sport."

Once the meat mixture is combined, he folds in some cooked spaghetti and begins to build the giant meatball, layering cheese inside, of course. And the entire thing takes about three hours to bake!

After, he pours on sauce, sprinkles some cheese, and presto, a 6-pound all-in-one feast perfect for meatball lovers, like our gal Rach!

Now, if you want to make something in the same spaghetti-in-meatball family, but way smaller, check out Rachael's Broken Spaghetti Meatballs.

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