The Secret to Freezing Meat to Avoid Freezer Burn (—Never Throw Out Frozen Meat Again!)

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Playing Avoid Freezer Burned Meat With This Simple Wrapping Method

Worried about buying in bulk or saving meat because for some reason it's never the same out of the freezer? It could be because you're freezing it wrong. Financial expert Lauren Greutman says buying in bulk from your local butcher is the way to go when it comes to meat if you're looking to save money. And popping meat in the freezer will help ensure it stays fresh as can be—if you're doing it right. 

The Double Wrap Method for Freezing Meat 

  1. Wrap the meat in saran wrap.  
  2. Wrap the saran wrapped meat in tin foil—make sure it's wrapped tightly.
  3. Stick the wrapped meat in a freezer bag.
  4. On the bag, you're going to write the name of what it is and the date.
  5. Then, pop it in the freezer and you're good to go.

Easy as that! 

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