The Trick to Pulling Off Curtain Bangs, According to a Celebrity Stylist

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When celebrity hairstylist Tabatha Coffey stopped by the show, she wanted to do more than just talk about celebrity-inspired hair trends. So, she went ahead and tried the trends on a few of our very own viewers, so they could see for themselves how easy these looks are to recreate.

Curtain bangs are having a moment — we've seen them on stars like Camila Cabello — and these face-framing layers are easier to commit to than that traditional, straight-across bang you've probably been afraid to try since childhood.

If you're wary of getting bangs because you don't want to deal with them growing back out, the curtain bang could be the right solution for you.

Camila Cabello

One viewer, named Nellie, says she used to hide behind her hair. She'd find herself "trying to go for more length since it didn't have very much body," but thanks to Tabatha's amazing haircut, Nellie says she now has all the body she ever needed!

The name makes sense, because the curtain bangs perfectly frame Nellie's face.

Tabatha's biggest tip for styling curtain bangs at home is to use a big, round brush. She says to brush your bangs side-to-side, then straight down in front of you and finally straight back. This "gives you a lot of different root direction and movement" so the bangs don't fall flat, Tabatha explains.

Watch the video above to see Nellie's hair before and after getting bangs!

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