These Insta-Famous Food Critics Are 3 And 5 Years Old!

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Playing These Insta-Famous Food Critics Are 3 and 5 Years Old!

These days, with social media, it seems like everyone's a food critic. But, we gotta say, Matty (age 5) and Sammy (age 3) are two of the youngest food critics we've ever encountered!

How'd they get started on this culinary path?

Well, their dad Mike had always loved posting food photos on social media, he says, and when he had kids, he began sharing lots of photos of them, too. The natural next step? Pictures of the adorable kiddos chowing down!

Little Matty's favorite foods? Pizza, salmon and broccoli. (Yes, broccoli!) And he *doesn't* like pasta.

(But don't worry, Rach, little Sammy does!)

These days, the two little food critics accompany their parents on lots of food jaunts around their hometown of New York, munching on everything from donuts to noodles and beyond.

And it's all documented on their Instagram @foodbabyny which has (wait for it...) over 310,000 followers!

Do people ask them for recommendations? All the time!

"Your kids are a Zagat guide!" jokes Rach. Too adorable.

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