This Good News Only Instagram Account Has 1.6 Million Followers

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Meet The CNN Journalist Behind Viral Good News Movement Instagram Account Aired July 07, 2020

With everything going on in the world right now, we're pretty confident that you could use some good news. Journalist and CNN en Español reporter Michelle Figueroa felt the same way — which is why she started the Good News Movement Instagram account, which only shares good news stories.

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(Morristown, New Jersey): This man stood with his hand to his heart, outside Morristown Medical Center, until he could get as many medical staff to see his sign— made in gratitude for them saving his wife’s life. ❤️ Courtesy: Paige Van Der Vliet.

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"I thought, why not create a space dedicated solely to good news?" Michelle says of starting the page. "I have been a network reporter for over 10 years and I always gravitated toward uplifting stories. And sometimes in the newscast they get cut if there's breaking news, because there's a limited amount of time."

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(Easton, Pennsylvania): Dennis Perry worried he’d be a hindrance to his team since he is hard of hearing and he and his team are wearing face masks— he relies on reading lips. One employee starting sewing masks with vinyl cutouts and more were ordered. Now Dennis can understand his employees more easily and see their smiles too! (Easton, Pensilvania): Dennis Perry se preocupó por ser una carga para su equipo, ya que tiene problemas de audición y él y su equipo llevan máscaras faciales y confía en leer labios. Una empleada cosió máscaras con recortes de vinilo para wue e pudiera leer los labios de sus empleados. ¡Ahora Dennis puede entender a sus empleados más fácilmente y ver sus sonrisas también!

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With 1.4 million followers, the Good News Movement Instagram page is home to positive stories, photos and videos that showcase moments of hope, human kindness, joy and resilience in communities across the globe. (And yes, there are plenty of babies and animals, too!)

"People send me good news stories from their own communities that maybe otherwise wouldn't make a headline or wouldn't make the newspaper or newscast. I don't really limit myself in terms of what we cover. We welcome people to send any kind of story that brought them joy," Michelle says.

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A little over a month ago, Robert Kenney created a YouTube channel called “Dad, how do I?” for kids who need extra support and might not have support at home. Kenney created the page because he grew up without a father- he recalled his father telling his mother,” You’re going to have to figure out where these kids are going because otherwise I am putting them in foster homes.” When Kenney later became a dad, he thought to use his experience to help others like him —whether it be tie a tie for an interview or check the oil in their cars. Kenney has been flooded with messages of appreciation from around the World, one saying “You are the Mr. Rogers for adults we didn’t even know we needed.” Kenney has amassed 1.7 million grateful subscribers.

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She recalls a few memorable submissions, including a video of a boy who wears color-blind glasses for the first time — filmed and sent in by his mom — and a video showing a UPS driver, who sees a boy playing football by himself, taking a moment from his route to stop and play football with the boy.

"I invite everybody to send me their stories and be part of Good News Movement," Michelle says.

Rach wanted to share some good news with Michelle, so she showed her some adorable clips of Chunky Monkey, a snoozing bulldog who can balance stacks of everything from hamburgers to potato chips on his paws and chin!

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Inhale Tacos 🌮😲 Exhale for more 🌮🤣#namaste #ImSoZen #CincoDeMayo

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