This Incredible 94-Year-Old Baker Still Works The 6am Shift 6 Days a Week

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Playing 94-Year-Old Baker Wynnefred On Why She Still Works 6 Days a Week At 6am

You're never too old to do what you love!

And Wynnefred Franklin, a 94-year-old from Pennsylvania who's been working at the bakery in her local supermarket for 23 years, proves just that.

Not to mention that she works the 6am shift (!!) for three hours six days a week.  ("I like getting up early," Wynnefred insists.)

"I like working at the bakery because I'm with people," Wynnefred tells us. "When I was home, I was growing cobwebs if you know what I mean."

"[At work], I'm with people, I'm alert, I'm answering questions from customers," she continues.

Having had five kids, Wynnifred is no stranger to hard work — so it comes as no surprise that her plan is to continue working her bakery shift for as long as she can. See her in action in the video above!

As for some of this superstar's words of wisdom?

"Don't take yourself too seriously," Wynnefred says. "Try not to get — sometimes like we do — edgy and all worked up over nothing."

"Try to just take things at the pace you can possibly do it and you'll get through it and you'll love it and you'll be busy," she goes on.

"Age ain't nothing but a number!"

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