This Is How To DIY a Lamp Out Of a Vase

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Playing How To Turn an Old Vase Into a Lamp With HGTV Host Alison Victoria

Alison Victoria, the host of HGTV's hit show "Windy City Rehab" doesn't flip houses — she "rehabs" them, she says.

What does it mean to "rehab" a house? Well, Alison says she and her business partner buy Chicago homes at fairly high price points, put money into sprucing them up and resell them for a profit.

Since they're spending so much and the stakes are so high, Alison explains that they try to save money where they can.

So, she's demonstrating a few cheap and cheerful DIYs that can bring some new life into any home — including this DIY lamp!

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"DIY goes into accessorizing [your home] too," Alison says. "Why buy a lamp when you can make one out of old vases?"

You'll need to purchase a lamp wiring kit, which can be found at most hardware stores and online. Alison's tip? Make sure you buy a matching bulb with the correct wattage for the kit!

Once you have your kit and you've chosen a vase of any size and shape (you can also use a clean glass bottle or another sturdy container), carefully drill a hole through the bottom. Alison also recommends building up the vase with furniture pads so the lamp has a base that the cord can clear.

Next, thread the wiring from the lamp kit through the hole you've drilled. Then, slide a washer over top of the wiring so it covers the opening of the vase. You can buy washers in a number of sizes, so don't forget to bring your vase or bottle to the hardware store. That way, you can easily pick one out that fits.

Secure the wires with a bolt. Make sure the lamp is UNPLUGGED, then place the brass shell over the conductor and screw in the wires according to the directions on the kit.

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Screw in the light bulb, pop on the lampshade and admire your handiwork!

Watch Alison demonstrate in the video above.

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