This Is The Right Way To Put Your Bra On (You've Probably Been Doing It Wrong)

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Playing You're Doing It Wrong: Expert Bra Fitter Kimmay Caldwell Shows Proper Way to Put On Bra

Chances are the way you put your bra on is how you've been doing it since the day you put your first one on as a tween.

But what if we told you that you've probably been doing it wrong for years?

This just in: expert bra fitter Kimmay Caldwell says the "crush and flip" is NOT the way to go. The "crush and flip" is when you crush your bra against the back of your body, clasp it in the front, twirl it around and flip it up.

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Yup, sound familiar?

Here's why you should stop doing it that way: when you crush it, you invert the cups and ruin the shape of the bra. When you twirl it around, you stretch out the band — which Kimmay says is the most important part of the bra. And then, when you flip it up, you risk popping out underwires AND you stretch the straps.

(So, that's why ours are always falling…)

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So, what's the RIGHT way? Straps first, get your bust in and then gently hook it in the back.

And while we have you, you're probably storing and washing your bras wrong, too. (Sorry!)

Watch the video above for the right ways. (Spoiler alert: Don't fold one cup into the other and ditch the washing machine and dryer!)

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