This Is What a Monthly Housing Cost of $1,400 Looks Like In 3 Different U.S. Cities

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Playing See How One Woman Makes the Most of Her 280-Square-Foot Apartment Space In New York City

The national average for a home in the United States is $1,400 a month. Of course, depending on what part of the country you live in, that same monthly rent might get you a super small space, a mansion or something in between!

We found three viewers from three cities across the country. Each of their monthly housing costs are around $1,400, and they graciously showed us around their homes.

To start, we have Ilse from New York City, NY. She lives in a 280 square-foot apartment in the West Village of Manhattan. Her monthly housing cost is $1,400.

Her biggest tips for making the most of a small space? First, use an under-the-counter fridge to store your food without having it take up too much room. And secondly, if you go the Murphy bed route, try to find one that also has storage!

See Ilse's digs in the video above!

Moving on, Amanda and Corey live with their son in a three-bedroom, 1100 square-foot home right outside of Austin, Texas. They also pay $1,400 a month.

Amanda and Corey did a number of DIY projects to make this self-proclaimed "boring" space feel "beautiful and intentional."

For example, the couple wanted to step up their basic fireplace and mantle, so they retiled. Their other piece of advice? Paint the wall behind the television black so it blends in. They tried this tactic, and it helped the mantle and fireplace stand out as the focal point of the room!

Check out their home tour in the video below:

And last but certainly not least, meet Jeanette, a viewer living in Northern Cincinnati, Ohio. She and her family live in a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath home that is around 3,400 square-feet. The mortgage payment is around $1,500 per month, she says.

"For only $40, I was able to recreate a huge piece of art that I had seen in an expensive store," Jeanette says. "All I did was find the free image and downloaded it on my computer. I was able to tile print [printing a large image on multiple sheets of paper]."

She reassembled the images onto medium-density fiberboards (MDFs), covered them with a water-based sealer and voilà: instant, huge art for a tiny price!

See more of her tips in the video below:

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