This Woman Went From 280 to 140 Pounds + We Gave Her a Smoking-Hot Makeover to Celebrate

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Playing Woman Who Lost Half Her Body Weight (145 Pounds!) Gets a Makeover + a BIG Surprise

Say hello to Ashleigh from North Dakota!

One of our most inspiring makeover subjects to date, Ashleigh didn't just shape up — she lost HALF of her body weight.

We're talking from about 280 and down almost 145 pounds.

Incredible, right?!

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And yet, she had the same problem so many people who drop a huge amount of weight do — she had no clue how to dress her fabulous new body.

"I still keep grabbing things off the racks that are a few sizes bigger than I actually am," says Ashleigh. 

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As a self-proclaimed tomboy, the mom says she'd just like to see herself in something "a little bit more classy." "I'm not really flashy," she says, "but classy with some cool accessories would be fun."

That's where our good friend Gretta Monahan and style guru came in. Gretta took Ashleigh on the shopping adventure of a lifetime, and trust, when the ladies made it back to the studio, it was with one heck of a goddess dress in tow!

And then, we surprised her with something else: a spot in People's special Half Their Size issue (a favorite of Ashleigh's), complete with an interview and a photo shoot!

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Ashleigh's reaction? "I'm from North Dakota — this doesn't happen!"

It sure does, lady.

Watch the video above to see Ashleigh's stunning and emotional reveal — and a peek at the start of her People shoot.

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