Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks To Cut Housework In Half

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Playing 5 Time-Saving Tricks For Tedious Household Tasks | Organizing Expert Peter Walsh

Household chores like ironing and dusting can be super tedious. Unfortunately, they do have to get done. BUT — according to organizing expert and author of Let It Go: Downsizing Your Way To a Richer, Happier Life, Peter Walsh — these tasks don't have to take forever!

He's sharing five smart, yet simple, tricks that can cut your cleaning time in HALF.

1. Never iron your sheets again

This trick works best in a warm room or a warm climate, according to Peter. Put your sheets in the dryer for seven minutes, then take them out (they'll still feel damp) and put them on the bed, stretching them out as you do so. "Turn a fan on or open a window — it has to be warm," Peter says. "The sheets will dry like they've been ironed."

2. Iron your clothes in half the time

Want to iron both sides of your clothing at the same time? Of course you do. Lay a long sheet of aluminum foil UNDER your ironing board pad. Fold the item of clothing in half, and as you iron one side, the heat will radiate back up through the foil and warm the other side. "You only have to iron one side," Peter says. "It will save you half your ironing time."

Watch him demonstrate this amazing trick in the video above. (It really works!)

3. Dust AND clean at the same time

We love any cleaning tip that does double-duty. Chances are you have a lint roller or two at home, so rather than digging out a duster, special dusting wipes or sprays, just use a lint roller to remove dust and dander from furniture and other surfaces in your home. As a bonus, this also works when cleaning up stubborn messes other than dust — like glitter and pet hair.

4. Avoid trash bag annoyances

This preventative trick will save you frustration when it comes to throwing away trash and when it comes time to empty your can. Attach two self-adhesive hooks, one on each side of your trash can. When you replace the bag, attach it to the hooks. That way, the bag won't fall in and you won't have to spend time cleaning up gross garbage that's spilled out of the bag and into the can. Plus, tying up the bag to take out the trash will be so much easier (and less of a mess!).

Bonus Tip:

Place half a dryer sheet in the bottom of your trash can to help keep odors out.

5. Make your blender clean itself

This last hack is seriously genius. Save time spent scrubbing at stubborn gunk in your blender — especially ones that don't come apart easily — by pouring hot water, a little baking soda and some dish soap into the blender, putting the top on and pulsing it for a few seconds. After, dump it out and give it a good rinse with warm water or pop it in the dishwasher to get it looking like new.

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