Tiny NYC Apartment Gets BIG Makeover — On a Budget!

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Playing Watch Designer Give Small NYC Apartment a BIG Makeover On a $100 Budget

Think you can't upgrade your room for only $100? Think again!

Rach enlisted Yelp's Home Expert and interior designer Lauren Makk to give our viewer Daniel's "boring" (and also tiny) NYC studio apartment a facelift — with an equally tiny budget of $100.

"Sometimes it's hard to know what to do with a small space," Daniel says. "I have a lot of blank walls, I have a lot of basic furniture. It's a bit boring."

Here's how Lauren pulled off an epic transformation — and how you can, too!

Make a Splash With Color

Cost: $25

"The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to change your room is with a splash of color," Lauren says.

Lauren painted a portion of Daniel's room a deep green, and boy did it help!

Customize Your Own Fancy Window Treatments

Cost: $10

Lauren purchased curtains for $10 a pair and spray painted a super fun custom design on them.

Easy, chic and no one else will have anything like it!

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Take Old Appliances From Drab to Fab

Cost: $10

Sticky paper seems like everyone's new best friend, and we get why!

Lauren used stainless steel sticky paper, which she bought online for $10, to upgrade Daniel's old fridge. All she did was remove the old stickers on his fridge and stick the new paper right on.

"It's a modern fresh look and it doesn't cost very much money," the Yelp expert says.

Use Fabric In Fresh Ways

Cost: $3.99/yard (About $32 total)

Lauren had the genius idea to use fabric to create a headboard for Daniel — and it also doubles as an accent wall!

The fabric was $3.99/yard and our designer bought 8 yards so she spent only $31.92 — that's what we call a bang for your buck!

Give Cheap Furniture The *Chic* Treatment

Cost: $0

Daniel had a basic, white bookshelf that had little character. So our designer knew just what to do. She painted the back of the case with a dark color to add depth and make his books pop.

Then, in an effort to make his books look more "design-y and less clutter-y," our expert arranged them by color.

"Organizing your books by color is a designer's secret," Lauren says. "It makes the room look instantly sophisticated and pulled together and it doesn't cost you any money."

Don't stop there! Here's another tip for revamping old furniture.

You can repaint your old piece of furniture with a fresh color so it's like new. Then, grab a box of stylish thumbtacks, use a needle nose plier to hold the tack in place (and not mess up your nails which is another key tip!) and hammer in the thumbtack to add awesome embellishment.

It'll look *studd-ing* (like stunning...get it?! ?)

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Don't Splurge On Bedding

Cost: About $25 (scour online for even lower prices!)

Daniel was not feeling too confident about his bedding, so Lauren went bargain hunting online.

"Don't get too caught up on quality because this is not permanent bedding," Lauren says. "They're great for the seasons, and it's a great way to just give your bedroom a facelift."

No surprise here that our expert has one more ingenious bargain hunting pro-tip: "If you put things in your online shopping cart, the companies will actually send you discount codes if you don't buy it for a couple of days."

Check out the video above to see the result of this low-budget, show-stopping transformation.

And if you want more of Lauren's tips, you're in luck! She has one more for you.

Make Your Own Wood Block For Super Fun Paint Patterns

First step, get fabric with some texture. Even an old sweater or T-shirt would work! Staple the fabric onto a customized wood block, dip it into some paint, and then press on the surface (just make sure to remove as much excess paint as possible before applying).

And if you mess it up, don't fret! It's just paint, you can redo it.

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