Veteran Makeover: Michael Strahan Surprises Air Force Vet with a New Wardrobe

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Playing Self-Proclaimed Army Brat Michael Strahan Surprises Air Force Vet With Brand-New Look

We're kicking off Veterans Day a little early this year, honoring a retired Air Force veteran and college professor named DiCarie Williamson.

With the help of "Good Morning America" and "GMA3" co-host Michael Strahan (who is also a self-proclaimed "Army Brat"), we're treating the very deserving DiCarie to a style makeover.

"My dad was a Major in the Army, so I grew up around military bases my entire life — and you get a chance to see how much they sacrifice and what they do so that we can live the way that we live," Michael says.

As Rach points out, not only is Michael always sharply dressed, but he also has two clothing lines: Collection & MSX by Michael Strahan.

"We sent DiCarie suitcases of whatever we had and we told him, 'You pick what you're comfortable in.' So I'm excited to see what he picked out," Michael adds.

DiCarie's girlfriend Alicia joined Michael and Rach in our studio for the big reveal.

(Check out Michael's Veterans Day wardrobe surprise from last year!)

"He does a lot of volunteer work. We've redone a vet home for the homeless, he goes and gives meals to people," Alicia says. 

Check out the outfit DiCarie chose in the video above. (Of course, Michael sent DiCarie home with all of the suitcases — so he now has a whole new wardrobe!)

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